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One Degree’s fixed pricing structure gives you certainty of cost allowing you to budget for your paraplanning costs with SOAs from as little as $350 (inc. GST).

We believe you should be rewarded for the work you put into making the process easier, so we will assess your SOA template and the quality of your client data capture (Fact Find, super research, Insurance research etc.) before quoting you with a fixed price.

The more complete your template and data, the lower cost of our services will be.

How does One Degree keep its SOAs so affordable?

One Degree is able to offer lower cost SOAs as we draw upon experts in different fields to help complete the SOA as we acknowledge that a large part of your SOA is made up of static data.

So, whilst a paraplanner is best placed to write the SOA strategy and provide commentary around best interest etc., we believe it makes more sense both from a quality and cost perspective for an administration specialist to input all the static data (client data, current position, super research) into the SOA.

This allows us to increase quality of output for you without increasing your costs as you only ever pay for a paraplanner to do your paraplanning work, not your data entry work.

Are there volume discounts available?

Yes. As part of our initial quoting, we will provide you with a fixed price per SOA as well as a volume based pricing structure.